August 21, 2018

Kirsty Bunny Confidence Workshop

What you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you create.

Kirsty Bunny Management team hold regular Confidence Workshops where a small group of teens gathers to be empowered with knowledge about how to put your best, most confident foot forward. We have proudly sponsored these workshops for many years as we believe in building up the next generation. We met with the KBM team to learn more about the workshops and also sent the next generation of Buoy Maddie to the July workshop. Maddie is the beautiful daughter of Buoy owner Phillippa Middleton. Maddie has kindly shared her journey with us.

We hope you enjoy learning how KBM are empowering our youth.


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A course with the aim to empower and inspire.

Why is being confident important in the beauty industry?  

To those at KBM, confidence has always been the key to success. The more self-confidence you have, the more you value yourself and your capabilities. Being free from self-doubt encourages you to focus your time and energy on activities that will positively influence your life, rather than hide behind fear. 


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Confidence is the new beautiful.

Why does KBM hold Confidence Workshops? 


"KBM Confidence is designed to teach, invigorate and inspire self-confidence." Kirsty 


Our one day workshop provides an introduction to all aspects of modelling and the industry. Industry professionals curate a supportive learning environment covering: yoga, skin and hair care, makeup application, photographic movement, the importance of first impressions, catwalk, and industry knowledge.

Kirsty Bunny Confidence Workshop

"KBM Confidence Workshop is designed to teach, invigorate and inspire self-confidence." Kirsty 


KBM Confidence Workshop

Images are taken on the day by a professional photographer; providing four high-quality images to start your portfolio. At the end of the workshop attendees will leave with an insight into the industry and its etiquette, gaining a number of skills that can apply to everyday life.

We believe the right amount of confidence will lead to success in any area of your life. After working with a myriad of people in our industry, we realised that not everybody is born with a strong sense of resilience and self-esteem. Having the resources to facilitate this workshop in a safe environment is a rare opportunity; meaning that starting them was a no-brainer.

We are very lucky that Wellington has a lot to give when it comes down to sourcing fantastic tutors that spark inspiration in our attendees. No other place lets you gain this hands-on experience in such a short period of time. The experience we have crafted for our attendees allow them to understand and address their personal limitations whilst carrying themselves in a professional environment. 

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While working with new people, attendees learn the true value of being in a team. They must be active, be mentally present and learn. As the majority of our attendees are school age, the workshop helps not only with elements of modelling, but also with real-life. Talking to our industry professionals is a great parallel to that of speaking to a potential employee in job interviews, giving speeches in school or participating in a new activity.


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One of our favourite parts of this course is seeing the new bonds formed between the attendees'; watching their nervousness dissolve and develop into a willingness to learn. In just one day, we are able to notice the physical difference in peoples body language as they relax and begin to enjoy their time at our Confidence Workshop. That is a huge win for us.

When it comes down to it, the reason why we hold these workshops is to simply inspire self-confidence through an avenue that we know best. We truly strive to ensure each individual leaves with a developed sense of self-worth and a positive attitude! 

Who else supports your workshops?


Buoy Salon & Spa has been one of our pioneering sponsors. We now have a range of businesses supporting these workshops. Each sponsor is a Wellington business, something we pride ourselves on. The community spirit here really is unparalleled, with each sponsor agreeing year after year to continue to support us and our efforts. 

Good as Gold  - Kowtow  - Yu Mei - Crumb Cakes  - Capital Magazine - Wellington Photographic Supplies 


Maddie's #BuoyBlog 

A day of confidence building with Kirsty Bunny Management

After my Mum offered me the opportunity to attend the Kirsty Bunny Confidence Workshop I was excited to do it because it is a completely different way to improve confidence so I was interested to learn more.

I was nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone and I am not very confident in new situations, but as soon as I arrived everyone there was so nice and supportive even being the youngest there everyone got along well and we all talked and had a great time.

Maddie Makeup

Maddie being given the model treatment from on-site Makeup artist.

We started off by talking to Kirsty and meeting all the people we would be working with for the day.

We were very lucky to each get a goodie bag full of great gifts from all of the sponsors. Firstly we all did palates which was one of my favourite parts of the whole workshop.

Then we split into two groups of four which was great and got to know the girls in my group really well. We started off with one group learning to apply makeup and some techniques while the other group talked to the photographer and got some practice shots taken before our photo shoots.

maddie KBM

Maddie empowered with confidence and skills.

We were then taught to walk on the catwalk and all the different styles of walking you can do, we walked in heels and flats and it was lots of fun.

After that, we talked with Bex Brent about confidence and some things that make someone appear confident and what makes us feel confident. We all got our hair, nails and makeup done and started practicing for our catwalk that we would be doing for the parents.

To finish the workshop we all participated in the catwalk show we started but individually walking with our first outfit, then we did our partner walk which we used jackets for and to finish we put on our final outfit and did an individual walk again, and finished off with all of us walking at the same time.

Some of the things I have learnt from this workshop is that there are lots of things that make you feel confident such as if you feel beautiful and love your hair, makeup and clothes you will also feel more confident. I learnt that eye contact and not talking quietly can make someone come across as more confident.

A quote from the day that stuck with me was 'What you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you create'. 

I hope you enjoyed my Model Confidence Workshop journey. 

Maddie x