September 11, 2018

Mollie Gray Shares Her Skin Journey

Thanks so much Buoy Salon for making my skin glow over Winter!

At Buoy it is not just the way you look that matters it is the way you feel. Confidence is key to success in life. We are proud to bring you a beautiful blog from our stunning client Mollie Gray who recently took part in the Ultraceuticals Real Visible Results 90 Day Challenge.

Every year since we started entering our clients' results into this Australasian skin competition we have been finalists. In 2017 Kelly Francis took out the Anti-Ageing competition with Buoy client Maxine. We are in the process of entering our 2018 results. Watch this space for the results as we will publish as soon as they are announced in Australia.


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Mollie Gray an exquisite beauty passionate about travel & adventure. Mollie wearing earrings by Lucilla Gray.

Mollie Gray's Starts her Skin Journey with RVR90

"At the beginning of Ma,y I began my RVR90 day skin challenge with Buoy Salon & Spa and Ultraceuticals.

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First off I couldn't believe how amazing a deal I was receiving by purchasing 3 facial treatments and getting 5 in return! A special RVR90 Day journey discount.

These five treatments and take home skincare regime set me up for the full 90 days and the skincare will last even longer so it was a deal I could not resist!

Mollie Gray

When you purchase a Buoy Facial Treatments Concession outside of RVR90 you still SAVE 25%!

This is the first time I have ever given my skin some proper love and stuck to a skin journey like this, being 90 days as well with no yearly contracts made it a really easy and exciting decision to make.

Being a student, the idea of getting locked into a year-long journey is a bit scary financially, so Buoy Salon & Spa nailed it on the head especially knowing they can bring you results in 90 days.

For my first session, Skin Therapist Lara Notmon completed a Skin Health Check where she scanned my face with a special machine (Observ imaging device) and I was amazed at how much the scans showed! Lara knew exactly what needed doing from observing them and we agreed that in Winter I suffer from build up around my T-zone and also very dry cheeks.

Buoy Salon & Spa

Results-driven Facial Treatments are adapted to suit your skin.

The treatments I have had so far have not only catered for my facial needs but so many others that I didn’t realise I needed. Like the peaceful atmosphere and slow pace gave me somewhere to truly relax and the complimentary neck and shoulder massage helped me release all this extra tension I had. Alongside these, the results on their own has already boosted my confidence and I’m only a third way through my journey.

Buoy social posting

My at home skin care regime that includes SPF50+ Moisturiser to be worn every day of the year.


Mollie skin

I haven’t even been wearing any makeup since my first facial treatment.

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This makes me so so excited to see how I feel and look once the 90 days are over and I’ve already got a feeling I won’t be stopping after the 90 days is over."

Connect to the Mollie Gray blog to learn more about her beauty journey with our team of award-winning experts.

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The Wellington wind is hard on our skin, the Ultra Hydrating Mask is a must-have.

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Ultra Replenishing Mask has been an important part of Mollie's At Home Skin regime.

Thank you Mollie, for sharing your journey with our community.

To start your own skin transformation book your Skin Health Check today, this is complimentary when you purchase a Buoy Facial Treatment or any Ultraceuticals or Ultra MD skin care product.