November 20, 2017

Summer colour for the holidays

2017 Holiday season is fast approaching, and if you’re off somewhere warm and sunny, you’ll want tresses to match that laid-back summer vibe.

Whether you choose a fun-packed adventure holiday, or time spent relaxing by the beach or the pool, or long hours in the sunshine, sea water and chlorine can play havoc with your style, which is why you want to choose a colour which is both stylish and easy to maintain.

The intense sunlight which you get from being outdoors can naturally lighten your hair, which is why we suggest a lighter colour which won’t need a top-up whilst you're away, and will perfectly complement your tan!

Below we’ve outlined our top choices for 2017 summer hair colour for the holidays:

1. Balayage

If your hair is naturally blonde or brown, balayage is a fantastic way to lighten it up to give that summer vibe in a way that looks natural yet stunning.  Balayage is a great choice because, not only will your hair come out looking sun-kissed, but your colourist will also be able to create a look which is totally tailored to you.  With this method, the colourant is painted onto the hair to give a natural, highlighted finish.  Popular amongst the celebs, it’s perfect for the holiday season as it requires very little maintenance to look fresh and stunning.

2. Bronde

Bronde utilises balayage techniques, and is perfect if your hair is darker, but you don’t want to go the whole hog with a complete colour change.  Brown and blonde tones are blended expertly together to lighten up your tresses and give a look which is low-maintenance yet bespoke to you - perfect for long days chilling on the beach and warm nights in the bar!


3. Ombre
Still a firm favourite on the scene, Ombre is a young, modern look where darker roots are blended and graduated into lighter tips.  This is ideal if you’ve got long hair and you’re off for a few weeks.  Ombre allows you to lighten up your hair without having to worry about root re-growth while you're away, and you’ll look bang on trend too!

4. Traditional highlights
If you’re ready to significantly lighten up your locks but still want a look that doesn’t require too much upkeep, then all-over highlights will give that sun-kissed look you're after.  Choose a mixture of 2-3 colours, some warmer and some cooler in tone, to add a different dimension to your hair.  If you go for a full head of highlights and your hair is currently dark, bear in mind it will take a few sessions to lighten it up completely.  Your colourist will be able to advise on the best colours for your hair and skin tone.

5. Platinum blonde
A stunning look for the summer, platinum blonde makes a real statement and looks fantastic on shorter pixie styles.  If you decide to go for this dramatic look, then remember to pack lots of nourishing conditioner to stop your hair drying out in the sun.  Whatever you choose, a fresh new colour is the ideal way to finish off your holiday look.  Our expert colorists at Salon Buoy will advise you on the perfect look for your current colour and skin tone too, so your hair looks sun-kissed and stunning as the nights get longer and the sun begins to shine.