August 5, 2018

Wei Jiang Wins!

Wellington Senior Stylist Live Cut Event

Every year NZ Association of Registered Hairdressers (NZARH) holds regional hairdressing competitions where the skills of NZ's best hairstylists are put to the test. Often in high-pressure situations like a live cut and style.

Wei Jiang entered the Senior Stylist Live Cut category and needed to create a sharp cut that was able to highlight his strong cutting skills. Wei went into the competition with a rough idea of the silhouette that he wanted to create and the look won him the Senior Stylist Live Cut award for the Wellington region.

All of the competitors were given 40 minutes to complete their entry. Some of Wellington's finest Senior stylist were competing against Wei, but yet again he was able to show why he is one of Wellington's most sought-after stylists.

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Wei created the Colour the night prior and the day of the competition makeup artist Lucy Belle-Wilcox arrived to add her magic touch.



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Wei ensured that he used every second he had to achieve his desired style.

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Wei Jiang created A strong cut with defined lines and a cool street vibe. Sophie was a fantastic model and allowed Wei to create what he needed to WIN! 

Congratulations Wei!

We are all very proud of you and all you achieve at Buoy and beyond!

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Wei Jiang a creative stylist who is driven to succeed. NZARH Live Cut Senior Stylist Winner - Wellington 2018.

"Hairstyling is no a job, it's my life." Wei Jiang.

If you want a funky new look that suits your style then book in with Wei Jiang today.

Keep an eye out for Wei's next competition entry. He is entering The Derek Elvy Visionary award. Before Derek's passing, he worked with NZARH on the entry brief  - the winning photo will need to be beautiful and arresting, contemporary and directional and have a technical challenge to it.

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Derek Elvy & NZARH created an award in Derek's memory. The Derek Elvy Visionary Award. We cannot wait to see the entries. Best of luck to Wei and all who are entering!