February 7, 2019

Buoy Gives Back

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Mary Potter Hospice has been a charity that is very close to the heartbeat of Buoy. 

They showed so much care, love and compassion towards our founder Derek in his final stages of cancer. The dedication of the staff at the hospice is beyond amazing, offering the opportunity for many to live out their final days with dignity. 

As a way of honouring Derek's memory, Buoy will be visiting the in patients unit in Newtown on a monthly basis to offer to both staff and patients beard trims, blow dries, small hair cuts ... anything to make them feel special and pampered.  Buoy at IPU Mar19 2

Our first visit was this past Monday and our little team and Salon mascot Cooper, that went were not only humbled by the experience but also loved being able to give back to the the charity.

They chatted to patients, offering an ear and listening while our juniors offered some cuts and styles to some of the patients and staff that were working.

Buoy at IPU Mar19

We love what we do at Buoy and being able to offer even just a little bit of the 'Buoy Experience' is something that we are grateful for being able to do. 

Mary Potter Hospice is an amazing charity which provides palliative care to patients from all around Wellington. They are only able to offer their services to the community with the help of volunteers and fundraising. 

We have in our waiting area a donation box or if you want to give directly you can do so on