February 24, 2017

Buoy goes Global with Millie

Buoy's new Client Millie Elder Holmes - lifestyle blogger

We have started our year by making some fabulous international connections!

Millie Elder Holmes, of Clean Eatz NZ, is a successful kiwi blogger, based in Greece, who is passionate about anything that nourishes her mind, body and soul.

Millie reached out to Buoy Salon & Spa on our Instagram page asking for advice on her Skin Pigmentation issues.

Millie was returning home to NZ for a short stay, so we packed up the Buoy Spa and headed to Mana Lodge in Havelock North – the home of the late Sir Paul Holmes.  What a privilege it was for Keicha and Evie

Millie greeted us with her infectious enthusiasm  – we immediately knew the effort to make this happen was worth it. 

IMG 2877

Our Senior Skin Therapist Keicha Daniels started Millie’s journey with a Buoy Skin Health Check using our Observ diagnostic imaging device.

"I think being able to see exactly where my skin was at with visuals was really eye opening for me.  I knew that I wasn't looking after my skin to the best of my ability, but to see how my skin would turn out if I carried on, that was was a wake up call for me". Millie


Don't leave it another day, get results like Millie - book your Skin Health Check today.

The Buoy Observ Skin Health Check empowered our Skin Therapist Keicha Daniels with information needed to create a custom Ultraceuticals at-home skin regime for Millie to follow.   

Millie is now is on her way to Real Visible Results and is proudly taking part in the #RVR90 day challenge - the international Ultraceuticals competition - where the client with the best results after 90 days wins a trip to Australia with their therapist to become an Ambassador for Ultraceuticals – it’s never too late for better skin or trips abroad!

For now we will leave you with how Millie felt after only two weeks into the #RVR90 skin challenge:

 "My skin feels unreal, I wake up looking and feeling good.  It's crazy, I'm so happy." Millie Elder Holmes.