November 19, 2017

Buoy NZ Salon of the Year 2017

Buoy wins 5 of the 10 awards on offer

When we received the news that we were finalists in five categories for the Kitomba NZARH Business Awards Industry Awards 2017 we were over the moon. To then win five awards and take out NZ Salon of the Year title was truly an outstanding outcome. 

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"It was our first time entering , just being announced as a finalist was amazing, but actually winning is incredibly humbling." Phillippa Middleton

We entered these awards to celebrate our 30th year (#30yearsofphenomenal) and to acknowledge and pay tribute to our Founder Derek Elvy.

Derek created Buoy in 1987 and has been a creative force in this industry ever since. This year Derek was inducted into The Hairdressing Hall of Fame and his work continues to be published and celebrated around the world. He is now living with terminal cancer, but in true Derek style he continues to push the creative boundaries. Being able to honour him in this manor was a proud moment for the entire team. We are committed to creating the sensational everyday.

Derek Elvy Buoy Salon and Spa


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Industry Awards 2017 made possible with the support of Hito, Kitomba and NZARH

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"Last night was phenomenal. It was everything that we wished for and were trying to achieve for Derek and as we celebrate 30 years of business. We will continue to strive to be the forefront of our industry, 30 years is only the beginning" Phillippa Middleton - Managing Director Buoy Salon & Spa.

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Buoy Managing Director Phillippa Middleton doing her best to hold the 5 awards.

The Kitomba, NZARH and HITO did a sensational job with these awards. It is important that as a industry we share in our successes and support each other. The awards night is a chance for those in the industry and gather and celebrate the incredible work we all do.

'Buoy Salon and Spa had much to celebrate as they were announced as the winners of the Kitomba NZARH New Zealand Salon of the Year award plus L’Oréal Grand Salon of the Year, Excellence in Marketing, and Best New Entrant. Buoy stylist Chinney Yeap added to the list as she took home Business Stylist of the Year. 2017 also marks 30 years since owner Derek Elvy set up his dream salon in Wellington. Referring to this milestone as ‘30 years of phenomenal’, Buoy’s success has truly been illustrated by their dominance at the Business Awards.' Connect to full Kitomba Blog here. 

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The industry celebrating it's success!

New Zealand Salon of the Year: Buoy Salon & Spa

This prestigious award recognises the overall best salon for 2017. They must display an excellent business model, fantastic use of marketing and the owner must demonstrate a true passion for their team, salon and the industry. They must also have business results that demonstrate they are worthy of being regarded as the best in the industry. 

Consistency is what we strive for. Culture is at the core of our continued success. Creativity is what keeps us wanting more.

Connect to our Awards page to see how truly phenomenal our last year has been and head to our Collections section of this site, to view just a taste of what our team can create.

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The entire team of exceptional Buoy's

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Celebrating our success!

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L'Oreal Grand Salon of the Year

There could not have been a more important year to win this incredible award. The emotion was flowing from the team as they proudly accepted the Salon of the Year trophy.  We are a family at Buoy and it has been a very big year for us, this recognition was something we will always treasure.

What a sensational way to welcome in 2018!

L’Oréal Grand Salon of the Year: Buoy Salon & Spa

This award is for salons with an annual turnover exceeding $600,000. In this award, judges look for a strong business with great all round performance. 

We are a exclusive L'Oréal Professional Salon  and home to many of NZ's L'Oréal Ambassadors, which makes it an even greater honour to be judged L'Oréal Grand Salon of the Year.

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Excellence in Marketing: Buoy Salon & Spa 

Here judges look for a salon that demonstrates planning, innovation and creativity in order to achieve excellent results in marketing.  

We take pride in creating marketing campaigns and collaborations that are authentic and reward our new clients and most importantly acknowledge and reward our existing loyal client base. Since winning this award we have built our new website. This site that will be the new online home for all our stories and successes.

2017 is ending with a hiss and a roar and 2018 we will take our marketing to the next level of brilliance. Remember that marketing can only be successful if you have a team, services and products that live up to a consumers expectations - the key to our marketing success is the creation of a strong authentic brand that is built on a solid culture.  #31yearsofauthenticity

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Buoy Brand Champion Evie, CEO of Kitomba Al & Buoy Managing Director Phillippa.

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Business Stylist of the Year: Buoy Salon & Spa Colour Director – Chinney Yeap

In this category the judges look for a stylist with a passion for the industry who is excelling across a variety of key performance measures. 

Chinney Yeap is a remarkably talented lady and everyday is mentoring her team and giving her clients the most outstanding care and attention. When she is not mentoring and supporting her own team, she is travelling Aotearoa sharing her skills and advise with other Kiwi Colourists.

Since returning to Buoy in 2016, Chinney has created her Colour Dream Team, a team or Colour Artists who are creating outstanding results in the Salon everyday.

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Chinney Yeap - Colour Director at Buoy Salon & Spa win Business Stylist of the Year title.

Chinney proudly accepts Business Stylist of the Year award.

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Buoy Colour Director Chinney Yeap, a leader in her field and mentor to many.

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Best New Entrant: Buoy Salon & Spa

For this award judges look at salons that are entering the Business Awards for the first-time. From these, they determine the all-round strongest entry. 

2017 was the first time we had entered the Industry Awards. You only get one chance to win in this category, so we believed it was important to put our best foot forward and as a team we like to give everything 110%. We are very proud of the entry we produced and believe that all Salon's should enter, as it allows you to analyse your year and fine tune for the following year to come. 

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"We take pride in all we do and we pulled out all the stops with our award entry." Phillippa Middleton

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Congratulations to all those that entered and those that received awards. The clients of Wellington's Salon and Spa are in great hands as Wellington took out 8 of the 10 awards on offer.

The hosts for the night were Adrian Barclay of Venom Hair and  Laura Williams of Ktizo Hair both did an exceptional job hosting the awards night. Team Buoy Salon & Spa were extremely proud to have Adrian make an incredible speech for Derek Elvy. Derek was not well enough to make to trip to Auckland with the team, so to have the entire industry stand to applaud his work was PHENOMENAL and deserved!

Adrian of Venom Hair pays tribute to Buoy Founder Derek Elvy.

Thank you for all those who continue to celebrate in our success. The biggest thank of you all goes to our world class clients, you are the ones who inspire us to create the sensational every day.

The challenge for team Buoy now is to continue to strive for excellence in all we do and continue to lead this exceptional industry forward into the future. We accept the challenge! 

We are excited for 2018 and beyond. We will be sharing so much more of our stories beyond the floor of Buoy, so keep up to date with our Facebook, Instagram and Buoy blog.

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Stunning flowers from our friends at GHD NZ 

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Chinney with her stunning flowers from our friends at L'Oréal Professional NZ.

Whether it's the way you look or the way you feel, we've been crafting both for 30 years.

Book in with NZ Salon of the Year today. Phone 04 472 3430, email or book online.

We look forward to seeing you at our awarding winning Salon and Spa soon. 

We will leave the final word of advise for 2018 with our outstanding founder Derek Elvy.

What's your sense of purpose?

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Team Buoy Salon & Spa.