October 1, 2017

Buoy Wins Ultraceuticals Skin Competition

Anti-Ageing RVR Winner

Senior Skin Therapist Kelly Francis WINS this prestigious Australasian AntiAgeing award and her and her client Maxine become the Anti-Ageing 2018 Ambassadors.

Ultraceutical's spas around New Zealand and Australia competed to see who could give their clients the most visible results in 90 days - Real Visible Results 90 Day Challenge.  This is an annual competition that is very important for Ultraceuticlas as it is the proof that their skin care products and techniques with their Facial Treatments work. Every client who enters and is committed is empowered with knowledge and results. Buoy RVR commences this March and is judged by Ultraceuticals founder Geoffrey Heber.

We have RVR90 Concession specials during this period, along with unbelievable, affordable Ultraceuticals RVR90 At Home Skincare packs.

In 2017 our team of Skin Therapists entered 15 clients into one of three categories - Anti-Ageing, Acne, and Pigmentation.  Each client's journey started with a Skin Health Check, each therapist then prescribed each client a 90-day skin regime that involves At Home Ultraceuticals Skincare and Buoy Spa Facial Treatments.

The annual winners (3 each year) become the Ambassadors for the Ultraceuticals RVR90 Day annual competition.  Ultraceuticals were so impressed with our entry that we have been asked to present to other Spas as we had the most entries in NZ.  You can see the results for yourself in our waiting area at Buoy, as our 'Phenomenal Journeys' booklet is proudly displayed for all to be empowered by.

We had two finalists this year, Keicha Daniels in the Acne category and Kelly Francis in the Anti-Ageing category.

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Hamza is a client of Keicha's - the focus was his acne. The results were for all to see.

Senior Skin Therapist Kelly Francis and our client Maxine WON the #RVR90 Day Journey Australasian Anti-Ageing title.

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#rvr90 2017 Maxine Before and After Photos


Kelly and Maxine flew to Australia in November to receive their award and commence their journey of being the 2018 Ultra RVR90 Ambassadors. We will be sharing more about their journey to Australia to create the print and tv marketing material with Ultraceuticals and their Advertising agency.



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Learn more about Maxine's journey to Real Visible Results

Kelly's goal was to reduce Maxine's fine lines & wrinkles in ONLY 90 days.

Maxine was very concerned with the loss of firmness and fine lines due to ageing.

Kelly assessed her skin by performing a Skin Health Check using Observ. Then she prescribed a 90-day regime that would focus on increasing firmness and reduce fine lines.


client watching

A skin expert showing their client the damage to her skin.

 Maxine had a course of 6 A-Zyme Treatments to rejuvenate and hydrate. To ensure Maxine received the smooth skin texture she desired we included Microdermobrasion in the last three treatments.

Ultra C23+ was prescribed as part of her at home regime to firm ad tighten as well as Ultra Brightening Serum to minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Maxine’s results after the RVR90 Day Challenge have exceeded our expectations. Her skin is visibly firmer and plumper. There is a reduction in redness. Her fine lines around her forehead and eye area have dramatically reduced

“The hydration in Maxine skin has increased and her skin colour is more even. The results have been beyond my expectations.” Kelly

Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser

Ultra C23+ Firming Concentrate

Ultra Brightening Serum

Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50+

“My skin is much smoother, less red and firmer all over. My skin is brighter and more even in colour. My broken capillaries are stronger and much less red.” Maxine

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