May 11, 2016

Keicha - Finalist - one of NZ's Best

Clients' results speak for themselves.

Keicha Daniels lives and breathes the beauty industry - and her talent isn’t going unnoticed. 

The beauty and skin care specialist was a top three finalist in the Ultraceuticals ‘Real Visible Results 90 Day Challenge Acne Category’ – an Australasian competition.

Over three months she helped transform Greta-Mae McDowell’s acne-prone skin… and the results speak for themselves

“Before, even if my skin appeared to be clear, I could still run my fingers over it and it didn’t make me feel very good.  It was all uneven and bumpy,” Greta-Mae says. 

"After using the treatments it’s really nice to feel like I’ve had a fresh start on my skin.”

Keicha says four months of hard work went into the project.  “It’s been really rewarding.  More than anything, the project was great because it helped Greta-Mae feel confident.” 

And the hard work is paying off, with the 27-year-old also up for the brand’s ‘People's Choice Award’.  It’s another success story for Buoy Spa after it was named Ultraceuticals ‘New Zealand Clinic of the Year’ in May. 

Keicha says the heightened awareness around the Australian brand is good news for people struggling with bad skin. 

“People can see the really good results I’ve achieved in the clinic, so they know they can achieve it at home just by using the products.”

Originally born in Cambridge in the United Kingdom,  Keicha has been working as a beauty and skin specialist for 10 years.  “My Dad is a hairdresser and employed a beauty therapist called Clare when I was young.  I wanted to be just like her.”

Keicha moved to New Zealand three and a half years ago and soon fell in love with it.  It wasn’t long before her twin sister  Tahni followed and they’ve been working at Buoy Salon and Spa ever since.
“It’s so satisfying to go home at the end of the day feeling like you’ve achieved something.  It’s fun more than anything – you’re constantly building new relationships with your clients.”
Treat yourself, 
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