July 15, 2020

Mindfulness Part 2


Isolation for many brought about a time of self-reflection and improvement. It’s been incredibly uplifting to witness and hear about the number of positive changes being made by everyone coming out of this trying time and the ways in which people chose to make good out of it. As an extension to my mediation tips and tricks, I thought I’d explain what mindfulness is as to encourage you all to continue along this journey of positive change.


Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present, without being overwhelmed, attached to, or judgemental of what’s going on around us. It’s a basic human ability that becomes more readily available to us the more it is practised. Isolation was a time of little brain stimulation for everyone, there wasn’t a lot of distractions and therefore I think brought about a much easier environment in which to be mindful. As we re-enter a world of schedules and to-do lists I just wanted to remind everyone that this state of being attentive to your feelings, actions and surroundings is one that can be integrated into a life where you are confronted with nothing but time.

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Mindfulness, unlike meditation, focuses on the present, acknowledging wandering thoughts and then returning to the present again. Rather than trying to empty your mind pay attention to the thoughts rolling through, consider why it is that was a thought you had. Practice sitting with your thoughts and pondering them, viewing them without judgement. Be kind to your mind as it wanders. This is something that takes a lot of practice and is something that I personally am still practising. But I find that being able to take a moment when life is overwhelming to understand how it is I’m feeling can be incredibly beneficial for me moving forward.

Mindfulness can be practised anywhere. Whether in a room or on a walk, be present and be aware of your surroundings. Should your thoughts distract you, remember to bring them back to your present state.  A walk in the rain or snow is just as good as a walk in the sun. 

I hope by me sharing these ideas some of you find ways to ease yourself back into the swing of things and bring balance into all aspects of your life