May 15, 2018

RVR90 Anti-Ageing Champion

See how Kelly and Maxine became the face of RVR90 2018.

In 2017 our talented team of expert Skin Therapists entered the annual Ultraceuticals Real Visible Results 90-day challenge (#RVR90). This is an annual international competition that Ultraceuticals holds. It is an important competition, as it supports focus and dedication from both client and therapist. The winners of each category become the Ambassadors for the following year's competition. 

Buoy were finalists in two categories in 2017: Anti-Ageing with Skin Therapist Kelly Francis and Acne with two-time finalist Skin Therapist Keicha Daniels.

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Maxine's results after 90 days of expert advise, facial treatments and at home skin care were considered the best in Australasia.

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Hamza is a client of Keicha's - the focus was his acne. The results were life changing for Hamza.

Senior Skin Therapist Kelly Francis won the Australasian title for Anti-Ageing with her client Maxine. They now become the faces of Ultraceuticals RVR90 Journey 2018 campaign.

Rvr90 Kelly Promo Quote Kelly

The bond between Maxine and Kelly shone through the camera.


Maxine RVR90 Promo Quote

It is all about you... do this for you.

Watch & learn more about Maxine's Ultraceuticals journey.


Mindfood Magazine RVR90 Kelly Maxine

The May issue of Mindfood Magazine.

Check out some of the behind the scenes from the trip...

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Kelly and Maxine just before the cameras started to roll!

Ultraceuticals flew Kelly and Maxine to Sydney to create the marketing material for the 2018 RVR90 Competition and they were joined by Buoy Salon & Spa owner Phillippa Middleton and Brand Champion Evie Leniston-Howell.

First stop was an all-day photo and video shoot at a lovely location in a stunning wee suburb in Sydney. The ladies worked with Ultraceuticals advertising agency along with the other two winners, the winner of the Acne category was from Australia and the winners of Pigmentation results was a salon in Christchurch.


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Owner of Buoy Phillippa was there to support her award-winning team.

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Maxine was a true champion was is the perfect choice to represent Ultraceuticals

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Maxine snapping her own BTS shots of this once in a lifetime experience.

IMG 2558

Phillippa, Kelly, Maxine and Evie - #buoyfamily

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Phillippa Middleton owner of Buoy with Adrian from Ultraceuticals. Adrian was the most incredible host and took care of the entire team.


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Lights, camera, action! Maxine and Kelly had to get use to the bright lights.

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Maxine snaps our Brand Champion Evie trying to sneak shots for the blog.

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After a very long day it was time to head to the RVR90 2017 Awards Dinner.


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Maxine, Dr. Heber and Phillippa just before sitting down for a dinner with all the incredible winners and Ultraceuticals team.

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Dr. Heber moments after presenting the award to Kelly on the Sydney waterfront.

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We had to pause the award ceremony for the fabulous fireworks display to celebrating a big YES to same-sex marriage! Worth stopping for!

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Laura from Ultraceuticals NZ and Philippa Middleton were thrilled with the win.

The trip was a total success and Maxine and Kelly have made us all very proud. We all deserve to feel and look our best.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

We look forward to entering the 2018 RVR90 Day challenge.

Are you committed to living in your best skin? Call the experts at Buoy or book online to start your RVR90 Day journey.