May 9, 2018

The Buoy family keeps growing

Meet Katie and Felix.

This year has been huge for the Buoy family for many reasons. One being the impending arrival of our Colour Director Chinney Yeap's first born child. Before the biggest day of her life, Chinney wanted to ensure that her clients were going to be cared for by someone who would support and empower their hair journey. 

Before we learn more about who Chinney selected let's meet her little piece of perfection. Felix the son of Chinney and Schalk who was born 3 weeks early on Uncle Michael Beel's birthday.

Felix the latest Buoy

Felix is the first child of our award-winning Colour Director Chinney Yeap and her partner Schalk.

Before mastering being Felix's Mum Chinney was on the hunt for another exceptional Master Colourist to join the Buoy Colour Dream Team. Chinney interviewed many contenders and one stood out amongst the rest - Katie Johnston.

Katie Johnston the latest addition to the Buoy Colour Dream Team. Katie is a Master Colourist who has had many years working on her craft as a Colour Specialist at a leading Melbourne Salon.

Buoy Salon Katie Johnston v2

"When I met Katie I knew straight away she would be the right fit for my clients. Katie is colour driven, enthusiastic and bubbly. I strive to have a high standard of colour work from our Colour Dream Team and watching Katie’s colour trial I immediately knew she would be perfect." Chinney Yeap.

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Katie creates exceptional Colours.

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Beautiful Blonde Balayage by Katie

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This is Katie's client before the dreamy brunette colour below was created.

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What a sensational transformation! Katie takes a lot of pride in her colour work and will always listen to where the client wants to head on their journey. 

For me to find the 'right one' to care for my clients was not a light decision I value my clients and wanted a nice smooth transition. Chinney Yeap

Katie has been working in one of Melbourne’s top salons as a colour specialist. I think she will be a great addition to the Colour Dream team with her wealth of colour knowledge placement and what's on trend.

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Warm natural colour work by Katie Johnston.

Chinney Yeap and Felix

"As my clients all know I will be on maternity leave for the next 6 months so having Katie slot in has been perfect as my wee little boy Felix decided he would surprise us by arriving early!" Chinney Yeap


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