January 5, 2018

Bev Dodd our Vidal Sassoon Trained Stylist

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Vidal Sassoon pioneered precession haircutting. Vidal's graduated bob, strong geometric shapes, along with his beautiful layering techniques have stood the test of time to this very day. 

I was a senior member of Vidal Sassoon's UK team and joined NZ's Salon of the Year in 2017. I am a Master Stylist who will give you a cut that will last.

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An appointment with me will begin with an in-depth Consultation that will consider face shape, hair texture, lifestyle, image, as well as your personal styling skill set.

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I will ensure you are empowered with the knowledge you need to care and style your new look at home, as I want to know that you are given the tools you deserve so that your style lasts.

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Book in with me -  either for a Complimentary Consultation only or your Cut and Style with in-depth Consultation.

I look forward to meeting you for an amazing Summer Haircut.

Happy New Year!

Bev Dodd - Buoy Salon & Spa - Master Stylist

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