March 6, 2018

Treat & Transform with Fusio Dose

Revitalise your hair with our bespoke Buoy Fusio Dose in-salon hair ritual treatment.

Wellington had the hottest summer since the 1930’s. It is been a summer full of swimming, beaches and loads of outdoor fun with family and friends. The summer weather and the activities that come with it will dehydrate your hair exactly how it does with your skin. The UV rays, swimming and extra hours in the heat and humidity can result in dull, frizzy damaged hair. A conditioner isn’t enough to replenish the vitality it needs to shine.

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Our beautiful Buoy client had been exposed to the heat of our Summer and needed to get the shine back - scroll down to see how incredible her hair now is.

We have the solution that will result in vibrant hair that shines from the inside out - Fusio Dose in-salon hair ritual treatment.

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Master Stylist Bev Dodd transformed her clients' natural curls with Fusio Dose hair ritual treatment.

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Fusio Dose is a bespoke in-salon hair ritual that treats two hair concerns at once for an instant and long-lasting transformation.

  • Makes damaged hair stronger
  • Nourishes dry hair
  • Give radiance to coloured hair
  • Density for fine or thinning hair
  • Relaxing head massage to relieve your stress

There are 20 possible Fusio Dose hair ritual combinations to ensure that you receive the treatment that will give you the hair you desire.

“ I love Fusio Dose treatments by Kerastase because as a Master Hairstylist I not only need you the leave the Salon with an amazing haircut, but I want that cut to shine, and feel fantastic to the touch!” – Bev Dodd – Buoy Master Stylist.

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Buoy Senior Colourist Courtney Taylor has your bespoke Fusio Dose treatment, from our talented Eilish Mooney.


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Gemma's hair was dry and damaged from the Summer weather. But not anymore, thanks to the stunning restyle by Buoy Master Creative Stylist Tahni Daniels and nourishing Fusio Dose hair ritual treatment - that comes with a divine head massage.


Unlike a Mask for your face Fusio Dose takes little time to apply and replace the normal conditioning phase and when applied you are able to enjoy a sensational head massage that will leave you feeling and looking revitalized.


  • Instantly detangles hair due to the nourishing ingredients.
  • Nourishes and treats the damage.
  • Protects your hair from the elements and the drying effects of Hairdryers and Straighteners.
  • Shine, shine, shine

Simply add a Fuiso Dose hair ritual to your next Salon appointment. You will be thrilled with how your hair looks and feels.

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Be like our funky, fun client Meg, from Hello Rose Marlow, who received the 'Fusio Dose shine' when she had her bob restyled by our international stylists Tahni Daniels.

Each Fusio Dose bespoke hair ritual treatment is only $38 - book online today or call Buoy 04 472 3430.


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